We train all breeds and all sizes period.

Yes, the nature of the program is such that the dogs are in and out of their kennels all day. This means that every time the dog goes in the kennel it’ll get a rest and then come back out and 45 minutes to an hour. This way they learn that going to Kennel is not a bad thing, and it does not mean that they’re fun or that the day is over.

These programs are extremely effective and designed to work when the dog gets home. This is why we use a multi trainer method which teaches a system which we can then transferred to you at the end of the training session. Additionally we provide you with many tutorials and coaching sessions to help you carry on the wonderful new changes.

We guarantee that you’re going to see a major transformation. The program is similar to a high school curriculum comma, and that there are many subjects ranging from recall to basic commands to impulse control. Your dog may excel and some and do slightly less well in others. We won’t know where its strong points are until we work with them for a few days. But we know for sure that with 12 training sessions a day it’s going to be learning and learning a lot.

With 72 plus training sessions during one week, including the training structure even during such simple things as going for a potty run, we pushed the reset button on your dog it will have a different perspective of what its job is, how much attention it should pay to you, and what its boundaries are.

We are positive training based, with an emphasis on drawing the dog into our personalities and into the fun of training. This is what makes our unique training system so effective. But we are balanced trainers and do use corrections as needed, which will vary from dog to dog. We used the minimum amount of adversative necessary to accomplish the goal, and the aim is never ever to inflict pain or punishment on the dog. The goal is 100% to shape the behavior into the shining canine citizen that we both want, And any form of abuse will not help us achieve our goal and will absolutely not be tolerated. Zero tolerance.

Yes, we believe these are safe and highly effective collars that when used properly can shape a dog’s behavior and get them on the path to moving up through the collar spectrum. The ultimate goal is to have a martingale collar for your dog and if you use the prong collar correctly that should happen soon.

Yes, we are authorized dealers of dogtra brand E collars. These are safe and highly effective and our method of using them is very humane and pain free. The doctor collar allows us to control the stimulation to such a degree that we can turn it down to where it is like a finger tapping on the neck period. Once the dog is sensitized to this tapping, we can shape its behavior quickly and effectively.

With 12 training sessions a day, potty runs, and socialization periods, your dog is going to be out every hour, and by the end of the day is going to be ready for a good night sleep. These boot camps are very intensive and keep the dog focused on learning.

Yes we have staff on site 24 hours a day seven days a week.  We also have high tech security cameras covering almost every corner of the property.

Yes, absolutely.  We train our staff thoroughly in safety protocols to prevent any mishaps.

No. We keep a minimum of five highly-skilled trainers on staff at all times, and your dog will work with all of them equally.

Obviously, you can see or take your dog any time you want.  But we strongly discourage visits during the training cycles because it has shown to interfere with training and slow down their learning curve.

No problem!  We keep precise records, and also do twice daily healthy checks.

As long as they are healthy and physically able, we can shape their behavior.

Rabies and parvo/lepto.  Bordatello recommended but not required.

Absolutely! We will from all potential clients and general members of the public to see our beautiful facility and talk to our wonderful trainers. We would ask that you call or send a text so that we can make sure we have someone available to show you around.

I do not usually engage in in person consultations because I believe it takes several days to get to know your dog.  Your description usually gives us a good idea of what’s going on and then we can work out the causes and solutions as we work with them throughout the training period.

We train all breeds and all sizes period.



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