Mid-Michigan K9 Academy

Jim Blau and his redemption crew

Mid-Michigan K9 Academy provides your furry family member with the best training possible–and you with the most VALUE possible. We love dog people–we ARE dog people–and our passion is to save relationships, save dogs, and enrich your doggy parent lifestyle with the pleasures of a well-mannered dog.  That’s why we are most loved and trusted crew in Michigan.

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Our services

7 Day DOGGY Bootcamp

For seven days and nights, your dog will undergo an immersive program designed to change the way he thinks. From following his own impulses to jump up, pull on the leash, ignore your come commands, and generally be obnoxious, he will learn to engage with you and seek your approval. We use balanced training methods with an emphasis on positive reinforcement and engagement. 

14 Day DOGGY Bootcamp

For those wanting to polish their dog behavior a little more, they can extend their pup’s training for another seven days. The first seven days are great for eliminating some unwanted behaviors, such as leash pulling, and putting the dog on the path to engagement. The second week can really lock in the newly learned positive behaviors and reinforce hard-to-master commands such as recall. 

21 Day DOGGY Bootcamp

Finish the training with our most complete course! In addition to all the benefits of the 7 & 14 Day Bootcamps, your pup will refine its good behavior with multiple store/public park runs; off leash training; increased off leash control; “place” in public areas; the end of crate rushing, mouthing, and jumping; and
additional commands.

14 Day Aggression Clinic

Is your dog reactive or aggressive to other dogs or people? Is it a liability, putting safety and finances at risk? This program is an intensive deconstruction of the dog’s unwanted aggressive behavior, using the most effective, humane, and modern methods.  Then we replace the bad behaviors with good manners, enabling you to take your dog out in public again.  

VIP Board and Train​

Treat your dog to pampered nights of luxury and learning home etiquette, while spending vigorous days of doggy bootcamp exercises. Your best friend will spend comfortable nights in a home simulation, and you will do your “Go Home” coaching session with Jim personally.


Comfortable, safe, and professional dog boarding right down to the bedtime snacks! Every dog enjoys a comfortable private suite. Must be at least 16 weeks old and up to date with vaccinations.

day camp

Doggy Day Camp is a supervised playground where our furry friends can burn off their excess energy while playing off leash. The perfect place for busy dog owners to allow their dogs to play, exercise, and socialize.

one on one

No better way to hone your skills than private lessons with one of MMK9A’s skilled trainers.  During these sessions, both you and your dog learn how to work together to achieve your goals, and then after practicing at home for the week, you come back to take it to the next level.


Get your Doodle dappered and your Spitz spruced with our highly skilled groomers. I scoured Michigan looking for the best groomers, so that our clients would all received first class baths and cuts. Check out our services!​

home visits

In the Saginaw area? We will come to you for at home training sessions. These at home lessons cover your household specific needs as well as gives you the owner the opportunity to see first-hand the results in the comfort of your own space.

Rehabilitating, Training, Rescuing

Training Stories!

We have trained over one thousand dogs during the past two years. We understand that each dog has their own challenges to overcome, and that means a different strategy and angle of approach.  We like to learn each dog’s personality and quirks, and to work with their character and momentum rather than forcing them to change.

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