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Our mission is Redemption, which is why I call my trainers and everyone who puts their dog through our training programs. The Redemption Crew.

I spent 30 years behind bars for shooting a very, very bad man–an act most said understandable and some said commendable, but which was nevertheless unfair, arbitrary, and against the law. I accepted my fate and did my time with Honor and Dignity. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Ohio University, taught myself guitar, helped others survive the system and prepare themselves for freedom, and worked in dog rescue programs for approximately ten years. I lived with trainers and dogs 24 hours a day for many years, learning from the best and working with dogs with severe mental and behavioral issues. It was a steep learning curve, but in helping these dogs find redemption, I found my own.

Our Training system

We created a system involving a combination of balanced and positive reinforcement-based learning techniques. This makes training exciting and fun for your dog and leads them into wanting to perform well for you. They learn faster this way, which is why we’ve been able to accomplish in a week what other training companies take weeks or even months to teach. Leash manners, basic commands, mouthing, jumping, puppy basics, recall (to come when called), pack structure, reactivity, aggression, and impulse control are a few of the subjects we cover, with a special focus on the behaviors which are important to you. What’s more–and so crucial to our system’s success–we show you the techniques to make these new behaviors stick at home and prevent the negative behaviors from returning. If you follow our tutorial and coaching session recommendations, it will be the best investment you’ve spent on your furry friend. I changed my life and have transformed the lives of over 1,000 families since earning my freedom.  This is my passion! Let’s work together to help your best friend maintain good behavior and adapt to your current lifestyle. Join The Redemption Crew by getting your dog trained today!



As Office Manager, Darcy, aka Queen Dee, is the all-around go to person that keeps everything running.  From implementing and running our scheduling system to client relations.  A wonderful part of our Henry the Hockey Dog Team, you can see her at most of the Saginaw Spirit's home games.  A woman of many talents, Dee is a valued asset to The Redemption Crew.


A hard worker and an industrious student. She earned her bachelor’s in political science from Saginaw Valley State University and joined the workforce in the medical field. But something pulled at Allison, and she felt the need to earn her certificate as a dog training instructor from Penn Foster College. She then left the medical field and joined Mid-Michigan K9 Academy to pursue her passion and training dogs. She has been a wonderful and valuable asset to MMK9A, and every day she gives 100% to our board and train clients’ dogs, teaching them the best way to be pets. Don’t miss out on getting your dog trained by this amazing instructor.


Michelle loves working at MMK9A and exhibits a passion daily for the lives of these dogs and their owners. She enjoys getting new dogs each week and transforming them to help the dogs and their families! Michelle has worked at Saginaw Animal Control, where she gained much experience handling dogs of all temperaments, and then has expanded her skill set, including her leadership skills, so much that we made her Supervisor. Working hard everyday Michelle fulfils her personal purpose in life to give dogs guidance and a happy new way of life.


Josie had a strong desire to work with dogs and sought out MMK9A--and found a new home.  A natural to hard work and dealing with dogs, Josie killed it as an assistant for six months before moving to trainer.  Now she brings her joy and energy to transforming dogs and amazing clients with their new found abilities.

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