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About Jim Blau

I have been training dogs full-time for over ten years. I began my career rehabilitating retired racing greyhounds who were rescued from horrible conditions at the tracks. When these severely abused racers first came to me, they’d be riddled with severe issues, have zero to no socialization skills, and would often be in poor physical shape. Under my care, the greys got better, became happier, and were eventually adopted by loving families. 

 I eventually started working with Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan (RPSM) and was involved in their ten-week training programs for rescue dogs. That’s where I met and helped lost cases—like many of the dogs whose photos you see on this site—learn how to be the best possible pets. 

Each day I increase and improve my skill set, and with the skills I’ve honed over the years, I look forward to helping you and your furry friend have a better life together. 

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For seven days and nights, your dog will undergo an immersive program designed to change the way he thinks. From following his own impulses to jump up, pull on the leash, ignore your come commands, and generally be obnoxious, he will learn to engage with you and seek your approval. I use balanced training methods with an emphasis on positive reinforcement and engagement. 


For those wanting to polish their dog’s behavior a little more, they can extend their pup’s training for another seven days. The first seven days are great for eliminating some unwanted behaviors, such as leash pulling, and putting the dog on the path to engagement. The second week can really lock in the newly learned positive behaviors and reinforce hard-to-master commands such as recall. 

10 Day Aggression program

Is your dog aggressive to other dogs or people? This program is an intensive deconstruction of the dog’s unwanted aggressive behavior, using remote collars and advanced heeling and recall work. 

All programs include video progress reports, tools—like leashes, training collars, gentle leaders, treats, food—and an end of session coaching session where I show you how to keep these good behaviors flowing and the unwanted behaviors in the past. 

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Client Testimonials

“Jim did a board/train for our puppy Jack while we were on vacation. He was a good puppy before we left but we came back to a different animal; in a wonderful way! The positive improvement in Jack’s behavior and consistency was amazing!

While we were on our vacation, we got regular written written and video updates which were comforting to us and fun to show the kids that Jack was also having a great time.

Jim clearly loves dogs and has a calm, collected presence that commands their respect enabling him to make quick and substantial improvements in obedience.

We highly recommend Jim and MidMichigan K9 Academy!”

John Kruse

“We took our 80lb pitbull to Jim for the 7 day stay and we got a completely different dog back. Before we took her to Jim she ran the show, she walked us and was out of control. We would put her leash on and she would go wild so we had to stop walking her during the day because if she seen another dog she went ballistic. Jim had her for 7 days and she walks like a charm and she does not pay any attention to other dogs. I recommend this place very highly. Please feel free to reach out for reference!!”
Kim Welsh

“Jim was amazingly skilled in helping us with a rescue dog with extreme fear issues. After just 1 week at Mid-Michigan K-9 Academy, our boy was much more engaged, less fearful and more obedient. In addition to the dog’s training, Jim spent time with us showing us some techniques to use in sketchy situations. We were beyond impressed with the communication…we got daily reports and done videos keeping us up to date on daily progress. Very professional. I would most highly recommend Mud-Michigan K9 Academy.”
Gayle Newton

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